BIU Band Hall Community Committee

The B.I.U. Band Hall Community Committee manages and maintains the B.I.U Band Hall, situated at 480 Wolfram Street.


  1. To undertake an advisory role in respect of the care, maintenance, repair, beautification, improvement and management of the Hall; the Committee shall liaise with Council through a Contact Officer or current Councillor Representative/s on the Committee, in respect of proposed projects.
  2. To carry out works as approved by Council.
  3. To maintain a record of bookings of the Hall and its facilities in diary form and produce such a book for the inspection of Council upon request.
  4. To provide access to the Hall and its facilities for use by citizens of and visitors to Broken Hill without distinction.
  5. To allow any regular user of the Hall to erect structures under such conditions as the Committee shall see fit, provided that no such agreement shall be concluded without the approval in writing of the Council; so that Council’s insurers are aware of the event activity.
  6. To ensure a copy of current rules of use of the Hall and its facilities and the current schedule of fees and charges are exhibited in an appropriate public place at the sports ground.
  7. To recommend to Council the making of rules or setting of any fees and charges, none of which to be implemented without formal approval by Council.