Road Opening Permit

A Road Opening Permit is necessary for any works to be completed which involves cutting / removing a section or sections of road, footpath or naturestrip.

If works are being undertaken at your property and it is necessary for a Contractror to cut through or dig up the footpath, nature strip and or road, a ROAD OPENING PERMIT must first be obtained from the Infrastructure Department.

The Contractor will need to:

  • Provide proof of $20M public liability insurance
  • Provide proof of workers compensation insurance
  • Provide a traffic / pedestrian control plan and RTA Traffic Card
  • Provide proof of a current 'Dial before you dig' plan
  • Pay the opening fee according to the current Fees and Charges
  • Ensure safe work procedures are adhered to
  • Ensure work is completed to specification

Failure to meet Council's reinstatement specifications will result in Council billing the ratepayer for the remedial works.  The ratepayer should with-hold payment to the contractor until the reinstatement has been inspected and approved by a Council officer.