Economic Development

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The City of Broken Hill is the largest regional centre in the western half of New South Wales, the strategic centre of Far West NSW and the gateway to Far West/Northern NSW and South Australia.

It is Australia’s longest continually mined city – the birthplace of the Big Australian BHP and Rio Tinto. The City continues to have a sharp focus on new mining opportunities including iron ore and cobalt and is home to Australia’s new industry sector which includes the Broken Hill Solar Plant and the Silverton Wind Farm.

It is also the regional centre for agriculture, health, education, government services, industry and business in Far West NSW.

While the city’s population has experienced decline as a result of its historic dependence on the commodity market, Council has a leadership role in creating enablers for economic development and investment.

Council has adopted a proactive and strategic intervention approach to economic diversification to maintain and grow the City’s unique liveability factor.

The emphasis our community has given towards a sustainable economy recognises the imperative to innovate, problem solve and create new opportunities to remain relevant in a global environment that is marked by rapid social and technological change.

We must also actively pursue prospects for new business investment and encourage and support local entrepreneurs and innovation as our economy transforms to meet new opportunities. We are also building on existing economic platforms, like art, film, culture and tourism, and on new opportunities such as technology, renewable energies and education.