Companion Animal Shelter



How can I contact the new companion animal shelter? 

 The shelter can be reached on 08 8080 3300 between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.


Where is the new companion animal shelter located?

The shelter is located in the airport precinct between the main terminal and the RFDS, as shown below:



Will it be noisy? Will the sound of aeroplanes scare the animals?

No, the shelter is a double brick building, and acoustic testing has been undertaken to ensure noise is not an issue for animals or airport users and tenants.


Why did Council build it?

The old 'pound' was an outdoor facility located in a residential area opposite a holiday accommodation business. Given the noise generated by the facility, it was not sustainable to leave the service in its previous location.


When will the shelter be completed?

The shelter is now largely complete, and is operational.


How many animals can it hold?

The shelter features 20 dog cages and 16 cat cages, however there is room to slightly increase capacity if required.


Is it better than the old one?

Yes. The new facility is larger, and animals are kept inside and away from the elements. It features air conditioning, dedicated exercise yards, and larger easy-clean cages for the animals. 


Will Council euthanise dogs at the shelter?

No, although we have the facilities to do so if required in future. Council always aims to return or re-home all animals where possible. In the event that Council has no option but to euthanise an animal, it will utilise local veterinarian services.


Will I be able to adopt animals from the shelter?

Yes. A table of fees can be found below.


How will I know when an animal is available for adoption?

Council will post any available animals on Facebook and its web page, and also invite local media to run stories about dogs that are in need of a home.


What hours will the shelter be open?

The shelter is currently only open by appointment only. Please call (08) 8080 3300 to arrange an appointment with Council's Ranger.


What if I want to drop off or adopt an animal outside of the staffed hours?

Simply call 0437 540 799 and a Ranger will meet with you at the shelter. Rangers may be unable to take calls during dog attacks and investigations, but will return any missed calls as soon as possible. Please note that Rangers only respond to emergency situations over weekends.


Why is there a new $100 fee to surrender an animal?

This fee is actually not new. There is already a $90 cost involved when a dog is surrendered, however that fee is currently being covered by all ratepayers. The new system simply shifts the responsibility to the owner, rather than having ratepayers foot the bill for every animal surrendered. 


But won't people just dump their animals on the street?

We do not believe this will be the case. Unfortunately many Council decisions result in some people predicting that locals will behave in the worst possible way when things change.
This is an inaccurate generalisation, and an unfair portrayal of how Broken Hill people as a whole conduct themselves.
While there are a few people who do the wrong thing, we believe the majority of residents will understand that a fee is required to house, feed, and care for unwanted dogs until they can be re-homed.
It should also be remembered that all fees are reviewed annually, and Council can make adjustments if required.


Will I be charged $100 for dropping off a stray dog that I find?

No. The new $100 fee only applies to people who are surrendering animals they previously owned.


Can I report or surrender a stray cat?

No.  Under the provisions of the Companion Animal Act 1998, cats within NSW are considered to have no boundaries and are free to roam. Due to this we are unable to seize, or accept seized stray cats. Council can only take action regarding feral cats.


What other services will the shelter offer?

The shelter focuses on housing and returning lost and stray animals, and also offers free microchipping services by appointment on the number above.



 Sustenance fee  $16 per day (Fee is waived if animal is microchipped, registered, and collected on same day)
 Release fee  $16 (Fee is waived if animal is microchipped, registered, and collected on same day)
 Adoption fee  $20 + registration (Registration required by legislation. Desexing and vaccination fees from external agencies will also apply.)
 Sustenance fee for dangerous/aggressive animals  $32
 Release fee for dangerous/aggressive animals  $32
 Impound fee  $30
 Animal registration Not desexed: $234 (dog) $69 (cat)
Desexed (proof required): $69 ($29 for pensioners)
Desexed (animal purchased from shelter): $0
 Microchipping  FREE
 Release animal to rescue organisation  FREE
 Animal surrender fee  $100 per animal or litter surrendered by the owner.
 Registration for Greyhound already registered under Greyhound Racing Act  FREE