Public Forums

Members of the public attending Council meetings have an opportunity to address Council by way of a public forum session.   

Council’s procedures in relation to the Public Forum Session at Council meetings is as follows:

  1. The Public Forum Session will be Item 4 in Council’s Order of Business.
  2. Any person can apply to address an Ordinary meeting of Council on any issue relevant to the responsibilities of the Broken Hill City Council.
  3. Requests to address Council during Public Forum should be made to the Council’s General Manager (or nominee) 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the meeting.
  4. Only two (2) speakers shall be able to address the same agenda item / topic.
  5. Requests will be advised to the Mayor prior to the commencement of the Council meeting.
  6. At the commencement of Public Forum, the Mayor / Chairperson will advise the public that the Council meeting is being recorded.
  7. The Public Forum Session is limited to a period of twenty minutes and each speaker is limited to a period of two (2) minutes. The Mayor retains the discretion to extend the number of speakers on any one topic if warranted by the applications received.
  8. Should the number of registered and approved speakers exceed a maximum of 20 minutes, a decision by Council may extend the time frame for Public Forum by a maximum of 10 minutes.
  9. If speakers wish to distribute material to Councillors and Officers, 15 copies shall be provided to the General Manager (or nominee) prior to the meeting.
  10. Persons registered and approved who wish to participate in the Public Forum must recognise and acknowledge that such submission by them must be made in accordance with the rules under the Local Government Act 1993 and Regulation and Council’s Code of Meeting Practice.
  11. Council requires that speakers not make insulting or defamatory statements and to take care when discussing other people’s personal information without their consent.
  12. Council at all times retains the discretion to refuse a person the opportunity to address Council under its public forum process.
  13. A person committing an act of disorder for the purposes of the Local Government Act and Regulation and Council’s Code of Meeting practice may be required to leave the meeting.
  14. The process by which a person’s opportunity to address Council under the Public Forum process may be suspended for any acts of disorder or breaches of the Public Forum rules.
  15. A person may be banned from addressing Council under the Public Forum process for repeated acts of disorder or breaches of the public forum rules.
  16. Council will make a record of the matters raised in the Public Forum Session and such record is included in the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting.

Live streaming of Council Meetings

Please note: Council meetings are streamed live, recorded, and broadcast online via Facebook. By attending or participating in a public meeting you are consenting to your image, voice and comments being recorded and published. The Mayor and/or General Manager have the authority to pause or terminate the stream if comments or debate are considered defamatory or otherwise inappropriate for publishing. Attendees may be subject to legal action if they engage in unlawful behaviour or commentary. 


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