Cemetery Operations

 A City's History is said to be in its Cemetery

A Self-Guided Walk Tour brochure is available from Council's Administrative Centre and Visitor Information Centre, which will help you discover some interesting points within the Broken Hill Cemetery. Broken Hill City Council has been managing and maintaining the Rakow Street Cemetery for approximately 40 years. Prior to this each individual religious denomination was responsible for their own interment.

Now, all available information has been transferred to a centrally located database at the City Council. Family history, grave site locations and data printouts available. Nominal fees apply.

An online search facility is now available here or by selecting the tab 'Cemetery Operations’, then ‘Online Register of Burials’ to request a cemetery record to update.

Broken Hill Charles Rasp Library Archives:
Charles Rasp Library
Phone: 08 8080 3463
Fax: 08 8080 3479

Brochures available for download, which points out graves of interest, and other relevant information regarding the Broken Hill Cemetery.

Please note - The Broken Hill Cemetery is a very special place for the people of Broken Hill. All visitors are requested to observe all signs and directions and respect the rights and needs of other visitors.

How do I organise a burial?

You or your chosen funeral director can contact us on your behalf to organise a burial. If the Exclusive Rights for a plot has been pre-purchased, simply provide a copy of the Exclusive Right Certificate to the Funeral Director.

Where the Exclusive Right Certificate is unavailable other evidence must be provided by the way of a Statutory Declaration. When evidence cannot be provided, we reserves the right to refuse permission for interment.

How do I organise a headstone or memorial?

A Headstone or Memorial may be added as a timber cross on application by a funeral director. For the placement of a permanent memorial on a grave, the Exclusive Right Certificate along with the Work Permit must be provided, or purchased at the time of the application to conduct an interment.

Placement of timber cross or any other perishable material on an existing unmarked grave at the cemetery does not require purchasing an Exclusive Right Certificate.

All work on a grave must comply with the Australia Standard AS 4204 -1994 and must be constructed by a license Monument Mason approval has been granted by Council.

Operating hours

Cemetery operating hours are from 8am to 4.30pm on Monday to Friday.

Interment hours are from 9am to 3pm on Monday to Fridays and between 9am and 1pm on Saturdays.

Please note that interments are not conducted on Sundays or Public Holidays.


All enquiries should be directed to Corporate Services on 8080 3300 or via email at Cemetery@brokenhill.nsw.gov.au

Should you wish to make an enquiry in person you may visit Council Administrative Centre located at 240 Blende Street, Broken Hill.

This ensures that the appropriate officer is available to answer your enquiry and/or finalise your request.

Fees and charges

Fees and charges related to the cemetery can be found in Council's Schedule of Fees and Charges at the back of the Operational Plan that can be found on Council’s website.

Please refer to the contact details for a quote.

Payments can be made via cheque, cash, EFTPOS and credit card. American Express not accepted.

* Fees and charges subject to change.

Terms and conditions and important information about the Cemetery

  • An application to secure the Exclusive Rights must be filled out and returned with payment in full for the reservation of a grave. No payment plans will be accepted.
  • An Exclusive Right of Burial (Exclusive Right) grants the holder the authority to make decisions about the grave/plot/niche and/or the monument, which may include: a) Erection or alteration of a monument; b) Initial and subsequent burials, exhumations and re-locations; c) Maintenance of the grave or monument. 
  • Council’s Exclusive Right is perpetual.
  • A maximum of two people may own an Exclusive Right.
  • A Work Permit grants the holder the authority to make decisions about the monument, which may include: a) Erection or alteration of a monument; b) Maintenance of the grave or monument. 
  • The Work Permit like the Exclusive Rights is perpetual and is purchase at the same time as the Exclusive Right for grave site.
  • An Exclusive Right Certificate will be issued to the applicant(s) as proof of ownership and must be presented when booking future funeral/interment services.
  • Any changes/improvements to a grave or plot require appropriate approval by the Exclusive Right owner if the applicant is not the holder.
  • For private interment requests, the holder(s) of the Exclusive Right is responsible to make necessary arrangements for a Minister to conduct a service at the time of interment and to engage the service of monumental mason for placement or erection of a monument.
  • An Exclusive Right(s) cannot be resold to another party by the Exclusive Right holder.  Although the Exclusive Right holder may transfer their full rights and privileges to another person, in doing so relinquish all their rights to the grave, plot or niche.

* Fees and charges subject to change.