The ClubGRANTS Scheme (formerly Community Development Support Expenditure Scheme) is a shared State Government Club Industry program, funded by a 1.85% gaming machine tax rebate provided by the State Government to those registered Clubs with gaming machine profits in excess of a $1 million per annum. The Scheme is guided by the Gaming Machine Tax Act 2001.

ClubGRANTS is designed to ensure the largest registered Clubs in NSW contribute to the provision of the front-line services to their local communities and to ensure that the disadvantaged in the Community are better positioned to benefit from the substantial contributions made by those Clubs.

Broken Hill City Council facilitates the ClubGRANTS meetings and provides administration support on behalf of the local Clubs.

Participating Clubs

Participating Clubs in the Broken Hill area are:

  • Demo Club
  • Musicians Club
  • Sturt Club

What are the Funds used for?

In Broken Hill, ClubGRANTS promotes Community support at a local level and Category 1 funding preference is for projects and services that assist local residents and local services.

Expenditure on community development and support outside NSW is only recognised if it makes a contribution to locally based activities/projects.

Applications for other forms of assistance (Category 2 grants) are dealt with directly at the local clubs.

Recent grant recipients can be found here.


Applications are open all year round and are submitted on line through the following link.

Apply Online


Applications are assessed by the Broken Hill ClubGRANTS Committee (comprised of Clubs, community representative and Broken Hill City Council representatives) using the ranking recommendation checklist and in accordance with the Scheme’s Guidelines.

Participating Clubs are sent a report detailing the ranking of each application. The Committee selects projects to fund at Committee meetings held during the financial year.

Broken Hill ClubGRANTS Committee holds between two to three meetings per annum and the Clubs have the final decision on which projects are funded.


To be eligible for the Broken Hill ClubGRANTS Scheme, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a legally incorporated, not for profit, community based organisation or be auspiced by an organisation that meet these requirements.
  • Have appropriate insurance policies, including public liability insurance.
  • Must have submitted Standard Funding Report Form for any previous funding.

Acquittals and Reporting

Organisations receiving funding must submit a report upon completion of their project. The Broken Hill ClubGRANTS Committee will not consider further applications until they have received a final report or progress report on previously funded projects.

A reporting form will be emailed by the local ClubGRANTS Administrator once an application has been successful.

Information for future Applicants

  • Read the ClubGRANTS Guidelines  (Gaming Machine Act 2001)
  • Write the grant application in a team. Grant application often requires a lot of detail and research. Dividing the applications amongst members of the organisation can reduce the work load and improve the quality of the application. 1 person should proof read the final version of the application, to ensure consistency and identify any errors or omissions.
  • After receiving notification on the outcome of the grant application, contact the ClubGRANT Administrator for feedback on the application. Comments provided by the assessment panel could assist your future grant seeking. This should be done regardless of whether the application was successful or unsuccessful.

For more information about the Broken Hill ClubGRANTS Scheme, how to apply and other information, please contact
Mr Michael Boland at the Broken Hill Musicians Club on 8088 1777.