Broken Hill Waste Management Facility

The Broken Hill Waste Management Facility provides residents with the opportunity to recycle many items, operating as a "drop off facility" for recycling. 

Residents are strongly encouraged to separate their waste into the correct areas. 

The separate areas available for residents to deposit their waste are:

  • Scrap metal
  • White goods
  • Cardboard
  • Metals
  • Timber
  • Batteries
  • Oils / oil filters
  • Hot ashes
  • Green Waste
  • General Waste 


Lifeline Broken Hill Tip Shop

Too good to throw out? Adjacent to the Waste Management Facility is the Lifeline Broken Hill Tip Shop where you can donate and purchase second hand goods. This is an outstanding service that reduces landfill waste and encourages recycling in the community. 


Other Recycling Facilities around town include

  • Channing's Bottle Yard (Newton Lane)
    • Channing's accepts 10c refund containers on range of products including milk cartons, juice cartons and tetra packs, soft drink cans, selected alcoholic cans and bottles, some steel cans and glass. Check for the 10c deposit symbol on your containers. Glass, non-refund alcoholic containers, and steel cans are also accepted.
  •  Local Supermarkets
    • Local Supermarket's plastic bags can be recycled by placing your plastic bags in the designated bin provided at the front of the participating store.
  • Broken Hill City Council
    • Printer Cartridges and Mobile Telephones - all makes and models can be recycled by placing them in the box provided.
  • Broken Hill City Library
    • Mobile phones, globes, ink cartridges, smoke detectors and batteries
  • Clothes and household items - can be taken to the:
  • Red Cross Society, 67 Oxide Street
  • St. Vincent de Paul, 97 Argent Street
  • Lifeline, 119-127 Argent Street

Remember there are many good reasons why we should recycle:

  • Recycling conserves resources for our children's future
  • Recycling reduces the amount of waste going to landfill
  • Recycling stimulates the development of greener technologies

So reduce your waste and do the best you can to make our environment cleaner and greener by separating recyclables from your garbage bin!