Skin Penetration


What is a Skin Penetration Procedure?

Under the NSW Public Health Act 2010, a skin penetration procedure is defined as:

any procedure (whether medical or not) that involves skin penetration (such as acupuncture, tattooing, ear piercing or hair removal), and includes any procedure declared by the regulations to be a skin penetration procedure.

Skin penetration procedures include any of the following:

  • Tattooists
  • Beauticians/Nail Technicians (including but not limited to; cuticle cutting, micro-dermabrasion, hair removal using wax or electrolysis, cosmetic enhancement, semi-permanent make-up, cuticle cutters, razor scrappers and any beauty treatment which involves the deliberate penetration or removal of the skin)
  • Body/ear piercing
  • Colonic lavage practitioners

Council's Role

Broken Hill City Council maintains a register of premises in the Local Government Area at which skin penetration procedures are carried out. Council's Environmental Health Officer conducts routine inspections of skin penetration premises to ensure the business is operating in accordance with relevant legislation and there are minimal health risks to members of the public.


If your business performs any of the above procedures that involve the deliberate penetration of the skin, you must register your business with Council. To register your business please complete the Food and Health Premises Registration form and submit it to Council.

Fit Out and Construction

All premises especially new premises must be constructed and fitted out in accordance with the relevant legislation. This may include the condition and construction of the flooring, walls, ceilings, benches, chairs and the provision of adequate ventilation, hand wash basins and sinks. In existing premises ongoing maintenance and repairs may be required to maintain the premise in a safe and suitable condition.


Sharps must be disposed of appropriately in a sharps disposal container and not to be placed in the general waste stream. Sharps disposal containers of various sizes can be purchased from most medical equipment suppliers or local chemists.


If you are concerned that a business or premise is posing a risk to people's health or the environment please contact Council's Environmental Health Officer on (08) 8080 3300.