Mortuaries & Crematoria

Tombstone in a cemetery

The Public Health Act 2010 and Public Health Regulation 2012 regulates the handling of bodies both by funeral industry professionals and by members of the public. The regulation expresses rules rather than explaining how the deceased are to be disposed.

The regulations control:

  • premises and facilities for handling bodies
  • waste disposal
  • handling of bodies including: embalming, viewing, the use of body bags and storage of bodies vehicles
  • restriction of burials
  • exhumations
  • crematories and cremations
  • maintenance of registers

Council's role

Broken Hill City Council maintains a register of mortuaries and crematories within its area. Routine inspections and audits of all mortuaries are undertaken by Council's Environmental Health Officer to ensure proper procedures are implemented in the transportation, storage and handling of bodies.