Disclosures of Interest

Returns disclosing the interest of Councillor and Designated Persons

In accordance with the Information and Privacy Commission NSW (IPC) Guideline 1, for Local Councils issued on 26 September 2019,  Disclosures of Interest in Written Returns for Councillors and Designated Persons are required to be published to Council’s website.  Broken Hill City Council has conducted the public interest test in relation to each return and redacted any information where there is an overriding public interest against disclosure, for example a residential address or signature. 

What is a Written Return? 

A Written Return is a disclosure of pecuniary (financial) interests and other relevant matters that a Designated Person has or will continue to have for any of part of the relevant financial year.

Full (unredacted) versions of all pecuniary interest returns are available for inspection upon request to the Public Information Officer.



Disclosure of Interest 2021-2022


Disclosure of Interest 2020-2021