The Building

The Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum  with a tree in the foreground

The Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum is housed within a beautiful heritage building. Constructed in 1892 as a Bond Store, this building was used to securely hold goods until any duty or any excise owing on them was paid to the government.

Seppelt and Sons bought the building in 1924 and used it as a warehouse for wines and spirits until 1973.

Sadly by the 1980s the building had fallen into disrepair. Plans were made to tear down the building and replace it with a car park.

Actions taken by the local community and the Bond Store Committee of the Broken Hill City Council saved the building. The City Council purchased the building in 1986 and restored it to become the Bond Store Community Museum.

In 1989 the Living Museums Initiative identified the need for a museum dedicated to the minerals and unique geology of Broken Hill.

The Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum was opened in 1993, taking its name in tribute to the president of the Barrier Industrial Council from 1947-1959.