Development Applications

Broken Hill City Council is the regulatory body in relation to building and development works within the Local Government Area.

Building and development applications are a combined application called a Development Application. Building works, such as the erection of a new building, extensions/alterations to an existing building, demolition etc. and developments such as the subdivision of land, change of use of a building, erection of advertising signage, use of land for industrial, commercial, home occupation, consulting rooms etc. will typically require Council's development consent.

How do I submit an application?

  1. Prepare Documentation: Prior to submitting an application, you must complete Council's relevant checklist(s) and prepare all relevant documentation.
  2. Create/log into your account: Register an account and submit your application via the NSW Planning Portal.

For help or assistance using the Planning Portal refer to the Quick Reference Guide available here

What happens next? 

Council will review your application and supporting documents. If your application is:

  1. inadequate: you may be requested to supply additional information.
  2. substantially inadequate: your application will be returned to you.
  3. adequate: you will be contacted for payment of fees. Once the fees are paid, your application will be lodged for assessment by Council's Planning Team.

Assessment and Determination

Council's Planning Team will assess your application, this may include notification to neighbours or referral to a Council meeting prior to determination. The Assessment Officer will discuss with the applicant any issues that may arise during the assessment process. Notice of Determination will be issued via the NSW Planning Portal advising an approval subject to conditions of consent, or a refusal with reasons. 

Post Development Consent

Construction Certificates: Before building work can commence, it is necessary to obtain a Construction Certificate from either the Council or an Accredited Certifier.

Building Inspections: Building inspections are required at critical stages of construction to ensure acceptable standards of building work. The Building Certifier will specify at what stages of construction these inspections are required.