Filmed in Broken Hill

2020 RFDS

2019 Locusts

2019 Buckley's Chance

2017 Fighting Season Television Series

2016 The Leftovers – Welcome to Australia Television Series

2016 Ferrari. Night Into Day Cinema Advertisement 

2015 Strangerland Feature Film 

2015 Outback ER Documentary television series 

2015 Last Cab To Darwin Feature Film 

2014 No Place For Weak Short Film 

2014 The Code TV Series 

2012 Thirst Feature Film

2011 The Amazing Race TV Series

2009Broken Hill Feature Film

2009 Prime Mover Feature Film 

2008The Tumbler Feature Film 

2008 Roadrunner Short Film 

2008 Cactus Feature Film

2007 Joanne Lees: Murder in the Outback TV Movie 

2005 Supernova TV Series 

2004Godzilla: Final Wars Feature Film

2002 Dirty Deeds Feature Film 

2000 Mission: Impossible II Feature Film 

1999 The Craic Feature Film 

1996 Race The Sun Feature Film 

1995 Kratts’ Creatures TV Series 

1995 In Pursuit Of Honour Feature Film 

1994 The Adventures of Priscilla Feature Film 

1993 R.F.D.S. TV Series

1993 Reckless Kelly Feature Film

1992 The Last Days of Chez Nous Feature Film

1991 Deadly Feature Film

1991 Ring of ScorpioTV Movie

1989 Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds Feature Film 

1989 First Tuesday in November Documentary  

1988 The Dirtwater Dynasty TV Mini-Series 

1988 Rikky and Pete Feature Film 

1988 Outback Bound TV Movie 

1988 Fever Feature Film 

1988 Badlands 2005 TV Movie 

1988 As Time Goes By Feature Film 

1988 A Long Way from Home: Dadah Is Death TV Movie 

1987 The Lizard King\TV Movie 

1987 A Place To Call Home TV Movie 

1986 The Blue Lightning TV Movie 

1986 ComradesFeature Film 

1986 BacklashFeature Film 

1986 Alice To NowhereTV Mini-Series 

1985 The Long Way HomeTV Movie 

1985 The Flying DoctorsTV Mini-Series 

1984 The Slim Dusty Movie Documentary 

1984 The Camel Boy Feature Film 

1984 Razorback Feature Film 

1983 Jigsaw Room Short 

1983 HostageFeature Film 

1983 Cattle KingTV Movie 

1982 Deadline TV Movie 

1981 Mad Max II Feature Film 

1981 A Town Like Alice TV Mini-Series 

1978 Golden SoakTV Mini-Series 

1971 Wake in Fright Feature Film  

1971 The Battle Of Broken Hill Feature Film 

1968 Journey Into Darkness UK TV Series

1936 Uncivilised Silent Movie