How the weighbridge works:

Weighing in: All vehicles will enter the site over the weighbridge. Household waste will be checked and measured by vehicle type – vehicles are NOT required to exit over the weighbridge.

Commercial Waste will be weighed, using the tare weight of the vehicle. This means that commercial vehicles will NOT need to weigh out each time. Every several months the tare weight of the vehicle will need to be checked.

Weighing out: Vehicles collecting recyclables and materials for removal will be required to weigh out. On these occasions vehicles entering the facility will be required to wait at the boom gate until the vehicle being weighed has moved off the weighbridge. Every few months commercial vehicles will need to weigh out to check the tare weight of the vehicle.

Motorists note: we ask for patience during this time. The weighbridge can only take single vehicles at a time. 

Fees and charges:

Mixed Waste, household waste, builders waste,mining waste excluding specific category waste listed below:

General Waste Price
Car/Station Wagon/MGB $11 per load
Van/Ute/Trailer (Level load) $16 per load
Van/Ute/Trailer (Heaped load) $21 per load
Vehicle/Trailer greater than 1 tonne capacity $67 per tonne
Mixed waste from outside Broken Hill Local Government Area $190 per tonne


Specific Category Waste:

Category Price
Sorted recyclables (cans, bottles, paper, cardboard) Free
E-Waste (computers, TVs, batteries, white goods) Free
Ferrous (Iron or steel) Free
Green waste (Up to 1 tonne) Free
Green waste (Greater than 1 tonne) $21 per tonne
Wood/Trees/Timber (Greater than 1 tonne) $21 per tonne
Bricks or concrete (Greater than 1 tonne) $43 per tonne
Mattress or mattress base (Single) $16 each
Mattress or mattress base (Double/Queen/King)
Oil (Non-household) $39 per tonne
Soil (Not contaminated or VENM) ) Free
Soil (Contaminated) POA
Asbestos (N220) $500 per tonne
Asbestos (N220) Outside BH Local Gov Area $595 per tonne


Loader, tractor or mining tyres will not be accepted
Passenger Vehicle/Motorcycle/Scooter $11 each
Light Truck $16 each
Truck $27 each
Bulk $445 per tonne


Bio by type Price
Offal/Meat Products/Bones $86 per tonne
Dead animals - Large $63 per animal
Dead animals - Medium $97 per animal
Dead animals - Cat or dog $8 per animal
Sewerage/Sludge/Grease Trap/Mud (Prior arrangement only) $25 per tonne


Other Price
Vehicle tare weight (Ticket with weight supplied) $25 service



There are improved recycling options at the public drop off site and the community is encouraged to utilize these options. Recycling reduces our impact on resources, makes use of resources that are still valuable and extends the life of the landfill for future generations.

Items that can be recycled include:

  • Problem household wastes—paint, gas bottles, light globes, oils, car and household
  • batteries, and smoke detectors.
  • E–Waste—computers, computer accessories and televisions
  • Green Waste
  • White Goods
  • Steel
  • Aluminium Cans, glass bottles and paper and cardboard
  • There are no charges for the delivery of recyclable items to the waste facility.


For general enquiries please email weighbridge@brokenhill.nsw.gov.au