Frequently Asked Questions - Roads and Footpaths

The tree on my nature strip is growing in the power lines, who should I call?

 In any instance that you notice tree's growing into or near the powerlines, please contact Essential Energy on 13 20 80


A branch/tree has fallen on the footpath or road, who will remove this?

Please call Council on 8080 3300 to report a fallen branch or tree.


Can I trim/prune the tree's and shrubs on my nature strip?

Residents are encouraged to promote the health of trees in the vicinity of their residences by watering tree’s and shrubs when required, however, tree trimming, and pruning may not be carried out without the prior written approval of Council. For more information please see the Landscaping on Nature Strips Policy


There is a burst water main in the street, who should I contact?

Council does not maintain the water infrastructure in Broken Hill, please contact Essential Water with any issues relating to this on 13 23 91


There are potholes in my driveway/ My footpath is a tripping hazard what can be done?

Please call Council on 8080 3300 to report the location of the pothole/tripping hazard so an official report can be made.


The roots from a Council or Public tree are encroaching on my residence, What can I do?

Should tree roots from a tree planted on public or Council owned land encroach into a private residence, the ratepayer will be required to submit a report of the alleged damage so that a Council Officer can assess the situation and determine an appropriate course of action. Such action may include tree root extraction or, where there is no other option, removal of the tree. Please contact Council on 8080 3300 to make a report.


I want to plant trees on my nature strip, Do I need permission and who provides the tree/shrub?

Yes you will require permission.

  • Residents or land owners may provide and plant additional trees on nature strips at their own cost provided that the trees are listed on Council’s “Preferred Species’ list and provided that such plantings are located so as to minimise future problems in regard to Council’s and other Utilities facilities (such as kerb and gutter, water mains, electrical mains, telecommunication etc.) or with the consideration of the safety of pedestrians and traffic.
  • Council will also provide suitable trees to plant on nature strips and authorise residents to plant trees provided that: a written application is made for such plantings containing an agreement from the applicant that the trees, once planted, will be watered and otherwise maintained by the applicant; the trees provided shall be in accordance with Councils Tree Management Plan, and; the total number of trees on any section of nature strip (including existing trees) does not exceed two (2) for each property frontage, except where Council may determine that additional trees are warranted.


Can I remove the tree on the nature strip out front of my property?

Council may approve the removal of trees where a ratepayer is able to demonstrate a valid reason for the removal of the tree. In such circumstances, the cost for removal will be met by the ratepayer. Leaf debris or shading of solar panels are not considered valid reasons for the removal of street trees. The removal of trees and shrubs on Council controlled property shall be undertaken, where possible, by Council staff or a contracted arborist organised by Council.