Scores on Doors

A scores on doors certificate being handed over

Scores on Doors is the NSW hygiene and food safety scoring program that displays the results of food premises regular inspections.

The aim of the program is to improve food safety standards and to prevent foodborne illness in the retail food industry.

Subsequent to a standard food safety inspection, Council's Environmental Health Officer will issue a certificate with a star rating representing the hygiene status of the particular food business.

The Scores on Doors program offers participating businesses a great opportunity to show customers just how seriously they take food hygiene and the results they have achieved by displaying a rating certificate on their shop front door.

This is a voluntary program in conjunction with the NSW Food Authority Scores on Doors Program designed to promote food safety and hygiene requirements. Not all food businesses are listed. If a food business is unlisted, this is not necessarily a reflection or a statement on its hygiene standards.

The following medium to high risk food businesses are eligible to participate:

  • restaurants
  • takeaways
  • pubs
  • hotels
  • cafés
  • bakeries
  • clubs

If you are an eligible food business owner and would like to participate in this program please complete and then submit the Scores on Doors Participation Agreement.

How can a food business achieve a higher rating?

Want to get the best score you can? Every business should be able to get the top score by conducting a self check and resolving outstanding issues of past inspections.

Conduct a self check

Download the checklist (Food Premises Assessment Report) used by the Authorised Officer of Council and see what you need to get right.

Request for reinspection

If you are participating in Scores on Doors and would like to request a reinspection, please submit an Application for Reinspection form which can be found to the right of this information. Council's Planning, Development & Compliance department will review such requests according to the Scores on Doors Policy.

Please note that a reinspection does not automatically guarantee a higher rating. All inspections are charged in accordance with Council's Schedule of Fees & Charges.

Star-rated food businesses in Broken Hill