Wrap of the April 2021 Council Meeting

Published on 29 April 2021

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Animal controls sought

Councillor Branko Licul tabled a notice of motion calling on Council to investigate options to limit the number of cats and dogs that can be kept on residential properties. The motion also called for the establishment of a local Companion Animal Management Committee with relevant key agencies, and for Council to lobby the Government for greater powers in controlling wandering cats and dangerous dogs. The motion was supported.


Tree motions covered

Councillor Tom Kennedy put forward two notices of motion regarding the removal and replacement of street trees. Both motions were not supported as a draft Tree Management Plan has already been prepared by Council staff and was heard later in the meeting.


No changes for signs

Councillor Kennedy called for one of the city's gateway signs to be removed and replaced with a design by Deanna Spicer, and that a working group be formed to seek funding to replace all the current signs with Ms Spicer's designs. The motion was not supported.


Library consultation adequate

Councillor Kennedy called for another round of community consultation around the proposed new library precinct. The motion was not supported due to the large amount of consultation that has already taken place.



Budget open for feedback

Councillors voted to put the budget and long term financial plan on public display for 28 days. Council also voted in favour of a budget model that would see rates in the city's industrial area reduced by 15%, whilst returning other business rates in the city to their 2019 levels. Council also voted to increase overall rates by 2% in line with the Government rate peg. The Draft Delivery Program 2021-2022 incorporating Operational Plan 2021/2022, inclusive of the Statement of Revenue Policy and Draft Schedule of Fees and Charges 2021/2022 (budget) can be found on page 3 of the April supplementary agenda, whilst the Long Term Financial Plan can be found on page 107. Submissions to either plan can be made here.

For more information around the rates model, please click here.


Video link supported

Councillors provided a submission to the Government around the use of video link to attend Council meetings. Councillors supported video link being used in a limited capacity, but expressed concern over the potential for confidentiality breaches via the medium.


Business support policy on display.

Councillors voted to put the draft Business Support Policy on display. Through the policy Council will provide leadership, direction, and advocacy through partnering with relevant agencies to facilitate and encourage business development. The policy can be found on page 92 of this month's business papers, and a submission can be made here.


Further input welcomed on CBD Masterplan

Councillors voted to put the CBD masterplan on display. The plan provides an overarching framework and a series of infrastructure options that could be considered to activate the CBD and Patton Street areas to stimulate economic activity. Although the plan is open for 28 days for submissions, Councillors agreed to immediately go to tender for two aspects of the plan - wayfinding signage and banner poles. The plan can be found on page 97 of this month's business papers, and a submission can be made here.


Have your say on trees

A draft Tree Management Plan will be open for submissions for 28 days. The plan will provide a strategic and structured approach for the management of trees in the community in regard to maintenance, protection, renewal, and risk. The plan can be found on page 216 of this month's business papers, and a submission can be made here.


Broken Heel supported

Councillors voted to temporarily suspend the alcohol free zone around the Palace Hotel to allow for the staging of the Broken Heel Festival.


Heritage values study completed

The grant-funded Heritage Values Study was completed to consider how the National Heritage values of Broken Hill can be incorporated into the day to day development and planning for the future of the city. It also considers a range of other topics such as what heritage means to the community, how mining heritage is to be managed into the future, and the role of heritage in future planning. The study can be found on page 284 of this month's business papers and will be added to Council's website.


Construction certificate update

Councillors received an update on Council's efforts to clear the backlog of outstanding construction certificates. The number of outstanding certificates has been reduced from 70 to 59, and Council has secured an extra contractor to help further clear the backlog. Unfortunately ongoing efforts to recruit another building surveyor to the city remain unsuccessful to date, and Councillors authorised the General Manager to offer increased financial incentives to entice applicants to the city.


Aboriginal housing deferred again

Councillors deferred approval of the construction of four two-bedroom units for Aboriginal housing at 480 Cummins Street in order to carry out a site inspection.


Drop offs at cinema already OK

The Traffic Committee was unable to fulfil a request for a 'drop off' zone at the front of the cinema as the area is currently zoned as "No Parking", which already allows the drop off of passengers and goods. Councillor Kennedy in turn asked that the Committee consider rezoning the area to 5-minute parking.



Power easement granted

An easement on the Willyama Common was granted to AGL energy for the contruction of power transmission lines.