Council aims to reduce red tape

Published on 04 December 2019


Council has moved to further streamline the application process for new developments with a series of Construction Certificate (CC) checklists now available online.

The checklists allow CC applicants to ensure they have submitted all the required documents to enable their application to be quickly processed.

Council's Building Surveyor, Andrew Schultz, said CCs are a necessary part of the application process that can sometimes be overlooked.

"When it comes to new developments a lot of people think they only need a Development Application (DA) to start building," he said.

"The DA relates only to what you can and cannot build on your land from a planning perspective and what your building must include to get consent.

"Meanwhile the CC focuses on how the building will be constructed and ensures it meets building code requirements and specifications of the DA.

"Under NSW legislation both approvals must be obtained by Council before any work gets underway.

"A DA must be lodged with Council, however people do have the choice of either Council building surveyor or a private certifier for their CC.”

Mr Schultz said Council understands the frustration that can arise when having to fill out paperwork and have implemented the CC checklists to ensure all necessary documents are lodged at once.

"The biggest cause of delays in turnaround times for CCs is the applicant failing to submit all the required documentation," he said.

"Once staff have to start chasing various applicants for required information the CC process slows down significantly or comes to a halt.

"By using the new checklists applicants will be able to ensure they have submitted all the required documentation for their project, meaning staff can get back to them quicker and allow them to get building."

The new checklists can be found at

Those looking to lodge a complex DA or CC are encouraged to book a pre-lodgement meeting and chat with Council's Planning staff by calling 8080 3300.

Building Surveyors are available at Council's Administrative Centre between 9am-10am and 2.30pm-3.30pm each business day for DA and CC lodgements.

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