Ask The Mayor Anything - April

Published on 04 May 2020


The Mayor answers your questions in the video above! As always, questions of a more operational nature or requiring staff research have been added below. Thanks to everyone who contributed!


Ash Meadows: Hi, I run a promotions company and would love to at the end of this “covid 19”run a outdoor live all day concert/festival for the people of broken hill with all types of music and acts from electronic music to heavy metal with both local and interstate artists. I would love to include stalls and food vans from local retailers and businesses as well to help with the bouncing back of our locals. It will be a non profit event and I would like the council to possibly come to the party in the way of a live arts grant for such an event. Please contact me on our Facebook page Lead Heavy promotions or via my personal inbox.

We'll pass your details onto our Events team, Ash!


Pamela Murkins: I would like to know why council workers are not out cleaning up our disgusting Streets. The State Office Block, Public Trustee, Sturt Park with all the dead plants and Children's playground,and unkept footpaths are an eyesore,I thought now would have been a good time to get all done, with not a lot of people around.

Hi Pamela, like everyone else we have reduced staff and resources due to COVID-19. Our staff are doing all they can during this difficult time, and we look forward operating at full capacity again in future.


Georgina Stevens: I would like to see more footpaths and user friendly spoon lips on the road edges, trying to teach a 5yr old to ride in this town is impossible. Nor for anyone in a wheel chair or gophers and just been able to walk safely not on the road. The amount of white lines to highlight bad spots on footpaths we do have is insane, come on council. Also maybe some signs in the south that are readable and at a height drivers can see.

Hello Georgina, we have committed ($13.4 million over the next 10 years) to improving footpaths and ramps across the city, but it is a huge job as there is much to be done. We'll be targeting priority areas around hospitals, nursing homes, schools and the CBD first.
Unfortunately the South has an ongoing issue with signs being stolen. We have ordered 789 new stop, give-way, and other road signs to install however, so that area should improve in future.


Morgan McNoir: It is said that throughout the Covid 19 Crisis, domestic violence has been on the increase globally, and in Australia, a large number of people still remain without housing in Broken Hill, sleeping on couches, behind bridges and in shop fronts. Is Council going to reconsider providing homeless support for men to close the gap in services? How is council going to work with domestic violence victims, both male and female to keep home lives safe?

Hi Morgan, Council isn't involved delivering mental health or domestic violence services, however we offer assistance where we can. If you have any ideas on how we can do more please feel free to give our Councillors a call.


Jim Hanlon: Why have you closed the waste depot under the new reopening plan on a Sunday ( the most useful day for most people)

Hi Jim, as stated above we're short on staff and resources at the moment due to COVID-19, and we're prioritising kerbside pick up at this time. The situation will be reviewed in future.


Alan Hammond: Why is this Depot card only still it's a flipping joke.

Hi Alan, we don't want our staff handling and distributing cash during a pandemic.


James Hannigan: Why WONT BHCC clean up the illegal dumping of Rubbish around Broken Hill?

Hi James, we do. Feel free to let us know if there's an incident that needs attention.


Tom Kennedy: How has council had an increase of $2m in deficit in just over a month of coronavirus, considering council only get $3.7m pa in user charges and fees and have cut services?

Hi Tom, a breakdown of the large financial impacts can be found in Mayoral Minute 5/20. Further information can be found in the COVID-19 Impacts - Business and Budgetary report from the April meeting.