Waste collection

Lookup your collection day 

Broken Hill City Council operates a kerbside household waste service for all residents on a weekly basis.

Council provides a Dark Green Mobile Garbage Bin (MGB) for household and domestic waste and a bright green lidded Bio Insert bin for green waste. 

Residents are asked to place their mobile garbage bins at the edge of the kerb, the MGB handles should be directed towards your house, with a distance of approximately one (1) metre from any sight obstructions such as trees and parked cars, otherwise your bin may not be emptied.

Collection Times:

  • Household waste bins are collected once a week between 6am and 2pm (including Public Holidays).
  • Green waste bins are collected once a fortnight between 6am and 2pm (including Public Holidays).
  • Lookup your collection days.

My bin wasn't collected!  What do I do?

Ensure the bin was put out at the correct time, facing the right direction, clear of obstructions.  If this is correct contact Customer Service on (08) 8080 3300 to arrange pick up.

Damaged/Stolen bins

Contact Council in regard to stolen or damaged bins and arrangements can be made for their maintenance or replacement.

Disabled Waste Services

Council provides a special waste collection service, these bins have a yellow lid and are collected from the residence instead of the kerb. This service is available where all adult persons normally resident, have a physical disability, that precludes them from placing the mobile garbage bin at kerbside.


Tips for an odour free Green Waste bin:

  • To ensure the contents do not stick to the bottom of the bin, line with newspaper.
  • To prevent odours, place equal quantities of plant matter such as prunings and grass clippings to food scraps and kitchen waste.
  • Shredded paper also helps to create a balance in the bin and prevent odours.