I'M ALERT Food Safety Training


Are you a food handler or are you looking at working in a café or restaurant?

In order to comply with the Food Act 2003, food handlers need to have skills and knowledge to handle food safely. This requirement is assessed as part of the Food Premises Assessment Report that is carried out by Council’s Environmental Health Officer during a food premises inspection.

I'M ALERT Food Safety is an online food safety training program that can assist food handlers in becoming competent in handling food safely. 

The program can be accessed online, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and includes:

  • Sections reflecting the basic food safety principles as outlined in the Food Safety Standards (Eg. Temperature Control, Food Receipt, Food Storage, Hygiene of Food Handlers etc.)
  • Ability to only select the sections that are relevant to your role
  • Interactive tasks and quizzes
  • Printable training acknowledgement form (assists a food business operator and staff to demonstrate skills and knowledge requirements)
  • Printable certificate (can be displayed within a food business)
  • "Remind me" option (prompts a user to conduct the training again after a nominated time period)
  • "Notify" option (enables a user to notify others of their completion of the training program)

Can I complete some sections and return later?

The program has been designed to complete in one session. If you wish to receive the training acknowledgement form and the certificate, you will need to select all sections, view all sections and complete all the quizzes in one session (training time varies upon which training program you complete).

Alternatively, you can select a few of the sections, view the selected sections, complete the quizzes for the selected sections and receive the training acknowledgement form only (not the certificate) indicating the sections you just completed. You can then enter the site again later and select sections you have not viewed and complete them and print another training acknowledgement form.

Once you have successfully completed the training, you can display your certificate at your workplace to demonstrate that you have completed a food safety training program. Please note that this training is not the same as the Food Safety Supervisor training. All food premises still require at least one Food Safety Supervisor and their certificate is required to be displayed at the food premises.