Dyslexia Awareness

Published on 30 October 2019

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Not everyone finds reading easy, that's why we have books that are specially designed to help readers build their confidence.
Our Reluctant readers collection contains engaging stories and books specially designed to help make reading a little easier for people with Dyslexia. Coincidentally, October is Dyslexia awareness month, so we thought we would tell you a bit more about them!

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a common learning difference where people may have difficulties with reading, spelling, writing and pronouncing words. However, people with Dyslexia can be creative, innovative and good problem solvers! It can present differently for individuals and is genetic.

Microsoft recently launched a short 'course' with information and videos of first-hand accounts.

Dyslexia awareness: In partnership with Made by Dyslexia

What makes a book Dyslexia friendly?

Increased spacing between the letters and words.

Illustrations complementing the storyline.

Unique font that emphasises shapes, length, and increases spaces. Find out more about Dyslexie font here

Some have tinted or cream coloured pages which may ease visual stress.

Available resources

For a picture book that children with Dyslexia can identify with, Indigo solves the pzulze tells the story of Indigo, a young girl with Dyslexia and overcoming reading challenges.

Books by publishers 4U2READ and Barrington Stoke in the reluctant readers (RR) collection have some of the features mentioned above, examples include;

Dragon by Hilary McKay

Monster busters by Cornelia Funke

Don't forget eBooks

All library members can access Borrowbox and Wheelers eBooks with their membership number. Font size and background colour can be adjusted to suit your reading preferences!

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Don't forget borrowing is free with your free library membership!