Children's collections

Our children's collections cover a broad range of reading interests and genres with a focus on Australian and award winning authors along with educational content.

Easy readers and children's talking books are available for beginner readers.

Children's area of library


Indigenous collection

There is a range of books by Aboriginal and Torres Strait authors together for easy access.

Children's picture books by Indigenous authors


Reluctant readers collection

We have a range of books for reluctant readers consisting of series and books designed to make reading a little easier for people with dyslexia.

Dyslexic friendly books have different font, increased spacing between letters and words and may be on different coloured paper.

The library also has a range of comics and graphic novels for children, teens and adults.

Children's reluctant readers collection


School project?

We have a range of educational books in the library as well as Britannica online.

Assess your piece of information against the below criteria before using it in your assignment.

C - Currency: How old is it?
R - Reliability: Does the information answer your question?
A - Authority: Is the author qualified on the topic?
P - Purpose: Why does the information exist? Does it favour one issue over another (is there bias)?

Collection code guide

 BB  Board books
PIC Picture books
BR Beginner reader
RR Reluctant readers
IC Indigenous collection
JF Junior fiction
JG Junior graphic novels
JNF Junior non fiction
JTB Junior talking book