Broken Hill: A Blueprint – Advocating For Our Future

Two people brainstorming on a table
The Broken Hill Advocacy Strategy 2022 - 2027 embraces investment in capital infrastructure, innovation and entrepreneurialism to transform the economy of Australia’s First Heritage Listed City - Broken Hill.

The strategy is a blueprint for advocating for our city’s future. It embraces investment in capital infrastructure, innovation, and entrepreneurship to transform the economy of Australia’s First Heritage Listed City to an economy that creates a liveable city for future generations.

The 2022 refreshed strategy builds on the noticeable energy uplift in the city created by the planning and delivery of major construction projects, the expansion of the mining industry into the critical minerals sector, events that are attracting national and international visitors, the success of major visitor marketing campaigns, and the number of small businesses opening in the Central Business District.

Broken Hill is poised to undergo an impressive and explosive period of growth, one that we must be ready to receive. There are an anticipated 2,200 new jobs in mining being created by 2027, and we are working towards building our population to 2025 by 2027.

This document guides the advocacy activities of Council for the achievement of new urban designed spaces, technology, art, events, and enterprises and identifies interventions that will place the city in an optimal position to attract new visitors, residents, businesses, and industries.

Advocacy for Broken Hill is about actively pursuing strategies that create an environment to give our community a voice to influence decisions at a State and Federal level to improve the liveability and economic sustainability of our city. Council will use a variety of methods and techniques to pursue Broken Hill’s advocacy priorities and influence the liveability and economic sustainability of the city.

This includes opportunistic and programmed activities such as membership of key influencing organisations and agencies, making submissions on behalf of the community, direct lobbying, delegations, face to face meetings, correspondence, media activities, attendance at conferences and delivering public campaigns. Council will also leverage the relationships it has with other councils in Far West NSW, Regional Development Australia, the business community, industry, and service providers to demonstrate the collaborative approach our community has adopted to achieve social, cultural, and economic prosperity.

This document outlines Broken Hill City Council’s vision for the town, encompassing all aspects from industry and economy to healthcare, education, and housing. Recognising the sheer amount of growth expected to come, housing and liveability has become a key priority – ensuring that we are able to attract new citizens, while giving current residents a town and identity they can be proud of. The sense of growth and excitement permeates the entire town, leading to an increase in both external and internal investment, and a curiosity as to what the future may hold.