Wrap of the October 2021 Meeting

Published on 28 October 2021

A man sitting at a desk behind a stack of folders

'How to vote' restrictions questioned

Councillors supported a Motion of Urgency for Council to contact the Electoral Commission and relevant politicians to ease restrictions on those giving out voting information at election time. Under current restrictions anyone handing out information or 'how to vote' cards must be no closer than 100 metres to a polling place.


Quarterly deficit not all bad news

Council's quarterly budget review statement was tabled and predicted an increase in the projected 2021/22 operating deficit (before capital items) of $904,000. The majority of the shortfall was due to lost income related to the COVID lockdown ($460,000), however the report also stated that Council had expended an extra $381,000 to offer five new traineeships or apprenticeships across multiple service areas.


Support to strengthen mining communities

Councillors voted in favour of Council contributing $20,000 to the More Than Mining campaign. Broken Hill is a member of the More Than Mining alliance of Councils, which is lobbying the Government for tax concessions to make life in mining communities more affordable and less susceptible fluctuations in the mining sector.


Big list of projects underway

Council carried almost $38 million worth of projects and plant purchases into the new financial year, with 26 major projects currently underway. Although all the projects have already commenced and been endorsed by Council, many have been dalayed by the recent lengthy COVID lockdown.


Annual deficit improves

Council tabled its financial statements for the 2020/21 financial year, showing an operating deficit of $1.25 million (before grants and contributions for capital items). The figure represents a $4.8 million improvement on the 2019/20 deficit.