Wrap of the June Meeting

Published on 26 June 2019

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RAMSAR support

Council voted in favour of a motion to support a proposal by Regional Development Australia Far West to protect the Menindee Lakes by having it listed as a RAMSAR site. Council would offer its support as part of the Far West Joint Organisation.



Budget adopted

Council adopted its budget for 2019-20 at this month's meeting. The budget will see an end to the mine rates transfer, the introduction of timed parking to clear the airport car park, a new fairer fee system at the waste facility, and much more. For full budget details click here.

Council to target footpaths in high priority areas

Council adopted an Active Transport Plan, which considers the access and mobility needs of pedestrians and cyclists across the city.

Due to an underspend of $54 million on infrastructure and asset maintenance renewal over the last 20 years, it is now estimated that around $43 million will be required to bring footpaths to an acceptable standard right across the city.

As Council does not have the resources to complete this work, it will instead focus on completing $13.4 million in high priority footpath works over the next 10 years.

These high priority works will focus on areas around health services, schools, aged care facilities, and the CBD.

CCTV policy on display

Councillors voted to place a new policy around CCTV on public display for 28 days. The policy contains standard operating procedures for CCTV, and has been developed in conjunction with the Barrier Local Area Command.

Councillors to represent city

Mayor Darriea Turley, Deputy Mayor Marion Browne will represent Broken hill at the Local Government NSW Annual Conference in Warrick Farm on October 14. Councillors will now determine what motions will be tabled by Broken Hill at the gathering.

Small business in focus

Councillor Branko Licul reported on the inaugural Small Business Friendly Councils conference he attended in Sydney with Mayor Darriea Turley.

Councillors attended sessions focusing on regional economies, place activation, e-planning, and working with small business. One session also focused on the growth of Parkes' Elvis festival and how the Council was able to steer and grow the event. 

Cr Licul said conference presenters also highlighted the importance of positive relationships between Councils, businesses, business associations such as Chambers of Commerce.

Outcomes from the conference will be further discussed by the 'Our Economy' Key Directions Working Group chaired by Cr Licul.


Parkrun licence granted, bad debt written off

Council granted Parkrun a licence to use part of the Willyama Common for a fun run. Council also wrote off around $29,000 in bad debt relating to now defunct organisations, including the NSW Regional Tourism Organisation Incorporated ($23,240), and Energetica PTY LTD ($5,861).

Council, Rex reach new agreement

Council and Rex agreed to a new five-year partnership that will enhance air travel to and from Broken Hill. More details around the agreement will be made public by Council and Rex once the agreement is executed.


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