Wrap of the June 2021 Council Meeting

Published on 01 July 2021

A man sitting at a desk behind a stack of folders



Input sought on policies

Council will hold a workshop to provide input into new office of Local Government draft policies, including a draft Model Social Media Policy, draft Model Councillor and Staff Interaction Policy, and a draft Model Media Policy. Council will also forward its current Media Relations Policy to assist in the development of the new policies.


Trio nominated for Planning Panel

Jay Nankivell (General Manager), Darriea Turley AM (Mayor) and Razija Nu’man (Director Corporate) were nominated to serve as independent members on the Western Region Joint Regional Planning Panel to determine development applications of regional significance in the Broken Hill.


Minor structure change

Councillors noted changes to the Council administration's staffing structure under the new General Manager. The changes involved a minor staffing reshuffle and the inclusion of new senior titles.


Outdoor dining boost for Bash

Councillors voted in favour of waiving fees to increase outdoor seating at eateries in the city between August 15-28. Businesses are also able to implement footway dining for the duration of this period without incurring an application fee. 


Cultural plan on display

Councillors voted to put the draft Broken Hill Cultural Plan 2021-2040 on public exhibition for 28 days. The draft Plan delivers a framework which identifies the value of culture in Broken Hill and provides strategic directions for cultural programs, services, and facilities in the City for the next twenty years. Councillors also votd to include a project in the plan that would see the oral histories of notable locals recorded. The Plan can be viewed on page 137 of this month's business papers, and submissions to the Plan can be made here.


Focus on cyber security

Council's draft Cyber Security Framework will be placed on public display for 28 days. The Framework has been developed to address the ever-increasing risks posed by cyber threats and to standardise and guide the approach for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving the cyber security position of Council. The Framework can be found on page 261 of this month's business papers, and submissions on the Framework can be made here.


Improved contract oversight

Council's new draft Contract Management Policy was put on public display for 28 days after previously being endorsed by Council's Audit, Risk, and Improvement Committee. The Policy has been developed to provide a standardised approach to managing and administering contracts for goods and services purchased from suppliers, and also revenue-generating contracts for Council. The Policy can be found on page 279 of this month's business papers, and submissions on the Policy can be made here.


NSW Government to see reserves plans

Councillors voted to send drafts of all Plans of Management (PoMs) for all Council managed Crown reserves (parks, sports grounds, community use parks, etc) to the NSW Government for consideration. After receiving consent from the NSW Government, Council will place all plans on public display for 28 days.


Council seeks better rate balance

Council voted in favour of a budget that will see rates in the city's industrial area reduced by 15% on average, whilst other business rates in the city will increase by 11% (after they decreased by 12% in 2019/20). Council also voted to increase overall rates by 2% in line with the Government rate peg. The Delivery Program 2021-2022 incorporating Operational Plan 2021/2022, inclusive of the Statement of Revenue Policy and Draft Schedule of Fees and Charges 2021/2022 (budget) can be found on page 461 of this month's business papers.

Council also adopted an updated Long Term Financial Plan, and is still aiming to return to surplus by 2023. The Long Term Financial Plan can be found on page 572 of this month's business papers.


CBD plan adopted

Council adopted the new CBD Masterplan. The plan provides an overarching framework and a series of infrastructure options that could be considered to activate the CBD and Patton Street areas to stimulate economic activity. In April Councillors agreed to go to tender immediately for two aspects of the plan - wayfinding signage and banner poles. The plan can be found on page 620 of this month's business papers.


Better management of trees

A new Tree Management Plan was adopted. The plan will provide a strategic and structured approach for the management of trees in the community in regard to maintenance, protection, renewal, and risk. The plan also outlines changes regarding the types of trees that can be planted in future, and calls for an end to the planting of problem species such as large gums that can pose a risk to people or property. The plan can be found on page 752 of this month's business papers.


New loading zones for businesses

The Local Traffic Committee has given the green light for a series of new loading zones at the rear of the Musicians Club, Salvation Army Shop, Broken Hill Pub, the Workingman's Club. The committee also endorsed road closures for the Broken Heel festival. Concern over signage around pre-schools will also be raised with the Committee at their next meeting.



Code of Conduct panel to be formed

Councillors voted to establish a Regional Panel of Conduct Reviewers via the Far West Joint Organisation. Councils are required to establish review panels to investigate Code of Conduct incidents.


No new water truck

Councillors voted against a motion to purchase a new water truck with firefighting capabilities.


New loader for waste facility

Council voted to purchase a new CAT 950M loader for the Waste Facility. The $415,650 purchase will be made through Cavpower Broken Hill.