Wrap of the July Meeting

Published on 28 July 2022

A man sitting at a desk behind a stack of folders


Water concerns

Mayor Tom Kennedy tabled a late Mayoral Minute to express Council's concern at being unable to attend a water meeting held by the Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) in Menindee on July 26. An invitation to the meeting was received at late notice, leaving Council insufficient time to send a representative. Council will write to the MDBA, State and Federal Members, and relevant water ministers to express its disappointment. Council will also invite Federal Minister for Environment and Water, Tanya Plibersek, to visit the region.



Council to remain with LGNSW

Councillor Chandler tabled a Notice Of Motion requesting Council withdraw from Local Government NSW (LGNSW). LGNSW is a joint body that provides advocacy, representation, and support for member Councils on issues of importance. The motion was voted down, however a new motion was tabled by Mayor Kennedy. Mayor Kennedy suggested Council write to NSW to voice its displeasure with the current LGNSW model, and that Council reconsider its membership in November this year. Mayor Kennedy's motion was supported.



New servo for South

Council approved a development application for the construction of a new 24-hour 'On The Run' service station in the city's South. The new facility will replace an existing service station and some adjoining property, and will be located at 90-98 Patton Street.


Compliment for committee

Council accepted the latest minutes from the Friends of the Flora and Fauna of the Barrier Ranges Community Committee. Councillors also expressed thanks to Council's Living Desert Ranger, Darrell Ford, and all committee members for their tireless work and dedication across many years.


Tax break motion refined

Council will look to refine a motion that was submitted to the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA). Council are seeking fringe benefit tax concessions of 100% for mining communities, however the motion is currently worded so that the concessions would be applied to every regional and remote community in Australia, which is not Council's aim. The updated motion is set to be considered by the ALGA Board at their meeting today.


Equality sought on green energy

Council has finalised its motions to be put forward at the LGNSW Annual Conference to be held in October. Council will request that at least 50% of the country's renewable energy be generated in capital cities, and that regional centres who produce more renewable energy than they use be subsidised by the government. Council will also call for changes to the rating system to reduce disparity in local rates, changes to telecommunications policy to ensure competition and improved service levels, and that a proposed restriction on real estate agents serving as Council members be disregarded.


Delegates selected

Mayor Tom Kennedy and Deputy Mayor Jim Hickey were appointed as Council’s delegates on Regional Capitals Australia, and Regional Cities NSW. The goal of both bodies is to provide an alliance of regional cities to promote growth, prosperity, and connectivity between significant regional centres.


Local Orders Policy on display

Council voted to put the Local Orders Policy on public display for 28 days. The Local Orders Policy assists Council in managing its responsibilities in regard to areas such as infrastructure, public health, and environmental protection. The Policy can be found here, and public submissions can be made here.


Local Approvals Policy on display

Council voted to put the Local Approvals Policy on public display for 28 days. This Policy outlines circumstances where a person is not required to obtain a particular approval from the Council, and the criteria which the Council must consider when determining whether or not to grant approval to a particular activity. It also covers other matters relating to approvals that are not covered by relevant Acts or Regulations. The Policy can be found here, and public submissions can be made here.


Compliance Policy on display

Council voted to put the Draft Compliance and Enforcement Policy on public display for 28 days. The Policy is designed to ensure good governance and best practice standards are met when Council and its officers execute their duties as an enforcement authority. The Policy can be found here, and public submissions can be made here.


Boost for Silver City Show

Council entered a two year Memorandum of Understanding with the Silver City Pastoral and Agricultural Association Inc. to provide $15,000 in support for the running of the Silver City Show. Council will supply $8,000 in cash each year, along with $7,000 of in-kind support and the waiving of fees.


Support for Broken Heel

Council voted to suspend the alcohol-free zone around the Palace Hotel between September 8-12 to allow for the staging of the 2022 Broken Heel Festival. A road closure around the venue was also supported by the Traffic Committee, subject to proper traffic control plans being implemented.



Land to go on sale

Around 120 properties will go on sale later in the year due to unpaid rates. Council can sell land or property if the owner has not paid rates for more than 5 years. Although the sale of land is generally seen as a last resort for Council, it is hoped the upcoming round of sales will help ease the housing crisis current facing the city.


Tonkin to manage library build

Council approved a $216,480 tender from Tonkin Consulting Pty Ltd to manage the construction phase of the new library. Council also approved a further contingency of $108,240 to allow for any delays in the construction timeline.


New lease for archers

Council entered into a new 20 year lease agreement with Silver City Archers, for lease of their existing site on the Willyama Common at $250 per year.