Waste Transfer Station set to open

Published on 07 February 2020


Council is looking to increase recycling and safety at the city's waste facility with the opening of the new Waste Transfer Station.

From February 17, residents will deposit non-recyclable waste directly into large bins at the transfer station rather than driving to the rear of the facility to dump rubbish at the tip face.

This will assist in reducing waste to landfill through recycling and will also ensure members of the public are no longer in proximity of heavy machinery that operates at the tip face.

Council's Waste and Sustainability Manager, Kathy Graham, said an overhaul of the operation of the waste facility was essential to ensure waste management is carried out in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

"We've made some improvements in the last few years with the installation of the weigh bridge and the Community Recycling Centre, but it's fair to say that more improvements were needed," she said.

"Having users drive long stretches on unsealed roads to dump rubbish alongside operational heavy plant has been a serious safety concern for some time now."

Ms Graham said she hoped the facility would encourage locals to sort their rubbish and recycle, rather than simply dumping it all.

"We have a great recycling area at the waste facility, but unfortunately the majority of users would simply bypass it and go straight to the tip face," she said.

"The waste facility essentially now operates on a loop of sealed road, and there will be bays on the approach to the Waste Transfer Station where people can drop off their recyclables such as paper, cardboard, green waste, E-waste, steel, aluminium, plastic and glass."

The commissioning of the Waste Transfer Facility will ensure that waste is managed in accordance with environmental legislation, however Ms Graham said that wasn't the only motivation for the facility.

"We want to actively encourage recycling and reduce waste going to landfill in line with our sustainability strategy, and we hope locals will help the city become more environmentally friendly in regard to the disposal of waste.”

Residents are encouraged to sort their waste prior to coming to the waste facility to utilise recycling opportunities and avoid fees. Remaining general waste not suitable for recycling should be bagged or wrapped prior to being deposited at the Waste Transfer Station.

Direct access to the tip face will still be available for commercial waste over 5 tonnes.

The project was supported by the Environmental Trust as part of the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.