Strong response to CSP sessions

Published on 11 March 2020


The first phase of engagement around the city's new Community Strategic Plan (CSP) was completed last week, with locals and industry groups providing vital feedback.

The CSP is a high level strategic plan informed by the community and used by Council and other local organisations to chart a course for the city's future.

A total of 24 workshops were held across March 5 and 6 for the general public and various key sectors of the community such as health, education, emergency services, arts and history, and many more.

The CSP is being compiled by Council in partnership with Local Government specialists Blackadder Associates, who said the response to the industry sessions were outstanding.

"The energy of the people of Broken Hill that attended the sessions was inspirational and reflected Broken Hill's reputation for hard work, resilience, and authenticity," said Executive Consultant, Helen Lever.

"The next CSP will be a great reflection of the work and efforts of all the people young, old, and everyone in between who came along to tell us both what was great, and importantly, what are the likely challenges for the next 10 years or more for the community."

The next phase of engagement will include Council staff collecting feedback at a series of pop-up stalls across the city from March 24, including a community open day and free barbecue in Patton Park on March 28.

The pop-up program will be followed by the launch of an online feedback form on March 30.

The full schedule of pop-up sessions can be found below:

March 24

YMCA: 9am-12pm

Aquatic Centre: 2pm-6pm

March 25

Hospital Foyer: 9am-2pm

March 26

Woolworths: 9am-1pm

Coles: 3pm-7pm

March 27

Town Square: 10am-2pm

March 28

Patton Park: 10am-2pm FREE BBQ

April 1

Maari Ma: 2pm-4pm