Road upgrades start next month

Published on 17 January 2023

image of truck pouring bitumen out onto the road during a resealing task

Council's road resealing program for 2023 will begin next month, with numerous roads to be patched and resurfaced across the city.


The reseal program is expected to run for approximately three months with preparation works from the start of January and resealing commencing in February.


The reseal program is getting underway a little later than usual due to the flood clean up and repair works undertaken throughout November and December.


Council's interim Works Manager, Kathy Graham, said cooperation from residents would be greatly appreciated as crews looks to upgrade the roads as efficiently as possible.


Reseal times and locations will be advertised in the newspaper throughout the coming weeks, and residents will also receive notices in their letterboxes asking them to park their cars off the street during resealing in their immediate area.


"We understand reseal program can be an inconvenience, but if there are no cars in the way we can get the job done much quicker," said Ms Graham.


"People are usually quite helpful in this regard, and we always appreciate residents making the effort to help our crews.


"As always we'd just ask motorists to obey any signage and keep an eye out for our workers that will be on the roads."


Please note that other road and footpath works will be limited to urgent or emergency works during the reseal period.