Progress in the face of adversity

Published on 11 September 2020


Progress in the face of adversity

Mayor Darriea Turley AM has thanked the people of Broken Hill on behalf of Council for their support and resilience over the last four years.

This weekend marks the fourth anniversary of the election of the current Council, who will continue through to September 2021 after the State Government postponed local elections due to COVID-19.

Although much of the country remains locked in a battle against the fallout from COVID-19, Mayor Darriea Turley AM has encouraged locals to focus on the city's bright future and the positive steps that have been achieved during hardship over the last few years.

Mayor Turley said it was important to acknowledge the seriousness of the pandemic, but also maintain some perspective on progress that has been made in the city both during the pandemic and in the years preceding it.

"2020 has been an extremely difficult period for everyone, but I believe our city and its people have, as always, shown great resilience," she said.

"Before COVID-19 we were grappling with water shortages and restrictions, a devastating drought, mining downturns; there's always a challenge for us to overcome and we always persevere in the face of adversity."

Mayor Turley said the huge list of past and present plans and projects both within Council and the wider community should reassure locals that the city has a bright future.

"We recently paused and took stock of all the projects and initiatives that have been completed or are currently underway from a Council perspective, and it's actually quite a significant list," she said.

"And very few of these milestones could have been achieved without valuable input from locals, support from local contractors and businesses, and the tireless work of volunteers and community groups.

"Outside of Council we're also seeing new businesses appearing on the main street, interest in the city from major retail chains, and significant mining projects on the horizon such as Cobalt Blue and Hawsons.

"I know COVID-19 has put a dampener on this year, but overall I feel our city has much to be proud of and much to look forward to.”



Sturt Park: Two outdoor gym installations, solar and wind renewable energy lighting, irrigation, children’s playground refurbishment (under way), new skate park (funding secured, tender process under way)

Patton Park: Major refurbishment including new play equipment, accessible toilets, paths, landscaping, renewable energy lighting, clock replacement.

Queen Elizabeth Park: Complete refurbishment including new play equipment and relocation of Picnic Train (under way)

Apex Park: Complete refurbishment of children’s playground

Alma Oval: Major lighting upgrade (funding secured), surface rejuvenation

O'Neill Soccer Oval: Major lighting upgrade (funding secured)

O'Neill Sports Complex: Refurbishment of Norm Fox Oval, refurbishment of netball courts, installation of walking paths between sports facilities, improved parking and roads. (design under way)

Memorial Oval: Complete new irrigation system

Picton Oval: Installation of low-impact exercise equipment

Riddiford Arboretum: Installation of sculpture display, new irrigation system

Landcare: Partnership to help green the city



New Library & Archives and Cultural Precinct: (Design complete)

Civic Centre: Completion of major refurbishment

Companion Animal Shelter: Construction of new facility

Waste Transfer Station: New facility to meet EPA requirements

Broken Hill Mosque: Significant restoration and interpretive works



CBD and Patton Street Renewal Masterplan (design under way)

Footpaths: $14 million committed to footpath renewal in priority areas such as hospital, aged care, schools, and CBD (under way)

Oxide Street: Major road reconstruction

Blende Street: Major road reconstruction

Kanandah Road: Major road reconstruction

Gypsum Street: Major road reconstruction (underway)

Williams and Chloride Streets intersection: Full reconstruction

Brown Street: New road construction to connect Nine-Mile and Silverton roads

Free wi-fi network: Installed in CBD, Sturt and Patton Parks, Visitor Information Centre, and airport.

Signage: Approx. 2000 new road and street signs installed

Litter: Solar-powered self-compacting bins



Marketing: "It's Out There" strategic marketing campaign

Kintore Reserve: New RV-friendly carpark with dump facilities

Starview Primitive Campsite: Complete new tourism facility

Gateway signage

Airport: New security fencing and runway lighting (under way), refurbishment of cafe (under way)



Disability inclusion: Creation of Disability Inclusion Action Plan and implementation of new accessibility-compliant website

Reconciliation: Renewal of Reconciliation Action Plan: (under way)

Advocacy: Creation of Advocacy Strategy and focused lobbying on water and border issues

Events: Introduction of New Years Eve celebrations and fireworks, reinvigoration of Heritage Festival