Partial park closure for tree removal

Published on 14 July 2020


Residents are urged to steer clear of tree removal works taking place in Sturt Park tomorrow.

The children's play area will be closed 7am and 3pm as staff work to remove a 25-metre redgum with a crack in one of its major limbs.

Council's Asset Planner Parks & Open Spaces, Jarred Paull, said the tree posed a risk to the community as it could potentially fall into the playground.

"We're extremely reluctant to remove any tree but given the size of the tree and its proximity to the playground, we don't have much choice but to remove it," he said.

"We did our own assessment and also sought further advice from an external senior arborist, and unfortunately the tree will become too unstable to remain once the major cracked limb is removed."

Mr Paull said Council would replace the tree with two Kurrajong trees in the park grounds.

He said locals could expect to see more dead or badly damaged trees being removed around the city in the coming months.

"We've had some complaints about dead trees around the city and the risks they pose, so it's something we're working on," he said.

"And any time we have to remove a tree we'll always replace it with two new ones to ensure we green the city moving forward.

"We know people also have concerns around the large river red gums that have been planted in the past and their tendency to drop branches, so we'll be steering away from planting any more of those in future.

"We'd just ask that people be cautious and patient if see they see any tree removal works taking place in the near future."