New waste fees FAQ

Published on 26 June 2019


Council has implemented a new fee structure at the city's waste facility. Please see the FAQ below for more details. 


Why has Council started charging fees at the waste facility?

Council has in fact always charged fees at the waste facility. Only sorted recyclables (full list below) and residential loads of rubbish under one tonne were previously exempt from attracting a fee.


So why have you changed the system?

A recent independent audit of the city's waste facility noted that the waste categories used to charge fees were not aligned to the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Waste Classification Guidelines, and were confusing for both staff and users.

Commercial users also expressed frustration that they were being charged to use the facility while residents were effectively able to dump limitless rubbish for free. This was resulting in businesses posing as residential users of the facility to dump commercial waste for free, and users hiding rubbish and/or dangerous waste under green waste in order to dispose of waste and avoid fees. 


How will the new system work?

Under the new system all ratepayers will receive a barcode which will allow them to dump loads of rubbish up to one tonne for free, up to five times per year. After the fifth trip, users will be charged for each load of general waste. Loads under one tonne will generally attract a fee of between $5-$15 depending on size and weight.


How is it fair to charge people?

Broken Hill was one of very few cities that still allowed residents to dump unlimited amount of waste for free. Under the new system, ratepayers will still be able to dump up to five tonnes of rubbish per year for free. Council already disposes of approximately 2.5 tonnes of waste per household annually via its curb side waste collection service.

If a ratepayer wishes to dump more than five tonnes of rubbish per year - in addition to the 2.5 tonnes already collected via green bins - we believe it is reasonable that they make a small additional contribution to the operation of the waste facility. 


Is there any way to avoid the fees?

Yes. Recyclable items generally form the bulk of household waste, and can all be dumped completely free if they are sorted. By simply sorting your waste into these categories and dumping them at the appropriate areas at the tip, you can avoid paying a fee. 


What recyclable items can be sorted and dumped for free?

  • Sorted recyclables (Cans, glass bottles, paper, flat-packed cardboard)
  • E-Waste (Computers, televisions, batteries, white goods)
  • Ferrous (Iron or steel)
  • Green waste (Up to 1 tonne)
  • Problem wastes (Paint, gas bottles, light globes, car and household oils)


If I dump sorted recyclables for free, does it use up one of my five free trips?



How do I get my barcode?

All ratepayers will receive a bar code with their rates notice in July that can be taken to the tip and scanned five times to allow free dumping of loads up to one tonne. 


As a resident, if I am dumping the rubbish of a friend, neighbour or family member, can I use their barcode to dump it for free?



I'm not a ratepayer, I rent a property. What about me?

All landlords will be instructed to hand over the barcode for each property to its tenants to allow them to utilise their five free trips.


What if I lose my voucher containing the barcode?

Each barcode is bound to each ratepayer’s account. You can simply reprint the voucher that will come with your electronic rates notice. Alternatively, you can simply use the barcode on your rates notice.


Can the free trips accrue across multiple years?



Where can I view a full list of the waste facility's fees?

The full list of fees can be found here.

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