New streetscape for Gypsum St

Published on 01 June 2022


Council will look to trial a new streetscape of tree plantings in Gypsum Street amidst ongoing roadworks in the area.


17 large gum trees will have to be removed as part of the current road reconstruction in Gypsum Street due to their close proximity to the road.


Council's Chief Assets and Projects Officer, Codie Howard, said it was always disappointing to have to remove trees, but said public safety was the number one priority.


"When trees are growing close to the road their root systems often get damaged during road reconstruction, and that's unfortunately the case in Gypsum Street," said Mr Howard.


"The trees then become a risk long-term due to damage to their critical root zone, and we've actually had one collapse already.


"We'll also have an arborist coming to town to inspect other trees around previous roadwork areas and assess their long term safety."


Mr Howard said one positive aspect of the tree removal would be the opportunity to replant the street with more suitable tree species in accordance with Council's new Tree Management Plan.


"We often get complaints about large gum trees as they drop their branches at random and their root systems can cause some issues to surrounding infrastructure," he said.


"We'll replace these large gums with less troublesome species, and that will provide long term benefit for Gypsum Street residents and a new streetscape that will be a change from the usual line of gum trees we often see in streets around town."


A total of 34 new trees will be replanted along Gypsum Street and around the city to replace the 17 that are being removed. Should any further trees need to be removed on arborist advice, they will also be replaced at a rate of 2-for-1.