More jobs for locals: GM

Published on 05 November 2021


Council is looking to grow a new generation of local staff via numerous new traineeships and apprenticeships.


In the field of trades and administration Council has recently added two Library Assistant Trainees, two Economic Development Trainees, an Information Technology Support Trainee, a Cadet Building Surveyor and an Apprentice Electrician.


Council's tourism and events areas have also been given a boost via a new Living Desert Ranger Trainee, Events Trainee, and a Tourism Assistant Trainee.


Council's General Manager, Jay Nankivell, said the appointments reflected Council's renewed focus on growing its own workforce.


"Providing opportunities for locals and rebuilding our workforce will remain a key priority for the Council in the coming years," said Mr Nankivell.


"In the past we've probably been a bit too reliant on sourcing skilled staff from out of town so we're looking to strike a better balance moving forward.


"We do recognise it's good to bring new workers and families to town, but retaining our current population via job opportunities is also vital, and in some roles there's really just no substitute for local knowledge."


Council hopes to add more positions in the coming months, and those wishing to keep track of job opportunities are encouraged to monitor Council's 'Jobs' page.