Mayor calls for lockdown

Published on 30 March 2020


Mayor Darriea Turley AM has called on the NSW Government to close the state's borders and implement a complete lockdown.

Last week Mayor Turley contacted NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and requested that the Far West be isolated via checkpoints on major roads to prevent non-essential travel to the region.

Today Mayor Turley said she would like to see NSW implement a border closure similar to most other States, and enter a complete state of lockdown.

"Everyone has their own ideas on how to tackle COVID-19, but I believe a complete lockdown of everything except essential services would be the most effective solution," she said.

"It would provide us with the best chance of largely eradicating the virus, rather than simply 'flattening the curve' through partial measures.

"I understand that a complete lockdown would create a period of hardship in the short term, but a lot of people and businesses are doing it tough already.

"I believe the potential long term benefits of a lockdown would justify such decisive action."

Mayor Turley reassured locals that Council was doing everything in its power to keep Broken Hill and the Far West safe.

"We will continue to provide strong and steadfast leadership, and advocate for the safety of the city and its neighbours through the appropriate channels," she said.

"Now is not the time for panicked behaviour or alarmist statements.

"We will achieve far better outcomes if we continue to interact with the State in a professional and respectful manner."