Library and Cultural Precinct design proves popular

Published on 27 September 2019


The latest design for the city's new Library and Cultural Precinct was well received at a public engagement session at the Civic Centre last night.

Around 40 locals took the chance to inspect the latest design, and provide feedback to architects Neeson Murcutt on the project.

The highlight of the evening was a two minute video that provided a virtual "flythrough" of a 3D render of the proposed structure.

Council's General Manager, James Roncon, said he was elated with the response to the video, both at the session and online.

"I feel like the flythrough video really gave people a good understanding of the project that we probably haven't been able to previously convey," he said.

"To date it's been difficult to quickly and easily describe this project using only written descriptions, plans, and drawings, but this video has given us a way to showcase the proposed facility in all its grandeur.

"I'd like to thank everyone who came along last night or viewed the design online, and would strongly encourage anyone who hasn't seen it to visit Council's Facebook page and take a look for themselves."

A direct link to the video can also be found here.

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