Focus on CBD parking

Published on 28 September 2020


Council's Rangers will be closely monitoring timed parking in the CBD in the coming months.

Monitoring of parking in the CBD had been relaxed recently due to COVID-19, and Rangers had instead been targeting more serious offences such as blocking loading zones or illegally occupying disabled spaces.

However Council's Acting Manager City Development and Planning, Anne Andrews, said it was important that locals be considerate of others as the busy season approaches.

"The CBD is about to see an influx of tourists and locals during the school holidays and in the lead up to Christmas, and it's important that everyone has fair access to parking," she said.

"Everyone needs to be mindful of the needs of visitors and locals who will be looking to patronise the CBD, and also the needs of businesses owners who want a steady stream of customers passing through their doors.

"Council doesn't like issuing fines, but if people insist on parking their car in the main street all day or taking up more than their fair share of time, then they will be fined.

"We encourage everyone to obey all parking signage and be considerate to fellow shoppers during this busy time."