Fight for SA border exemption continues

Published on 14 July 2020



Mayor Darriea Turley AM has stepped up advocacy efforts in the wake of South Australia postponing the reopening of the border between SA and NSW.

The border was set to be reopened on July 20, however a COVID-19 outbreak in Sydney has prompted SA to keep the border closed.

Mayor Turley immediately contacted NSW Cross-Border Commissioner James McTavish and requested that the city's plight be escalated to the Premier's office.

"The postponement of the border reopening is going to really hit Broken Hill people hard, it's our main centre for health and education," she said.

"It also has the second largest population of ex-Broken Hill people in Australia, there are a lot of families that want to reconnect during this difficult time."

Mayor Turley said the people of Broken Hill should receive exemption from the closure given the city's proximity to SA and the lack of local cases.

"We understand that the outbreak in Sydney is serious, but it's also 1,100km away," said Mayor Turley.

"We're extremely isolated and we have no active cases; I don't believe locals pose a threat to South Australia in relation to COVID-19.

"Hopefully some sort of understanding can be reached, and we can safely resume our relationship with South Australia."