Council trials weekend stray surrenders

Published on 07 March 2024

image of brown dog with sad eyes looking at camera

Stray animals can now be surrendered at the city's Animal Shelter on weekends at specific times as part of a trial being run by Council.


Up until June 30, animals can be surrendered at the Shelter on weekends and public holidays between 9.30am–10.30am and 4pm-5pm.


Those wishing to surrender stray animal are requested to press the buzzer at the front gate of the facility and a Council staff member will attend as soon as possible.


Council's Manager Corporate and Customer Experience, Michelle Rolton, said the trial of the extra hours would help gauge the demand for a weekend service.


"We certainly want to try and be flexible and meet the community's needs, we know stray animals can be an issue during times when the shelter is closed," said Ms Rolton.


"We'll see what the demand is for weekend animal drop offs and monitor our own ongoing capacity to maintain the service, then assess whether to continue with the trial after June 30."


IMPORTANT: Weekend service is for stray dogs only. No public access is allowed to the Animal Shelter during weekends and public holidays. Release of impounded animals is unavailable on weekends and public holidays, and can only take place during normal operating hours Monday to Friday.  No dogs are to be left unattended at the Animal Shelter. In accordance with the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979, penalties apply. Those wishing to report stray animals on weekends and public holidays should call Council’s after-hours line on (02) 8579 0325.