Council to prioritise online service

Published on 18 March 2020

Multiple computer screens on a desk

Council is set to temporarily suspend face-to-face service at its cultural facilities for 30 days as it continues to prepare for the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

 The Broken Hill City Library, Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery, Visitor Information Centre, Outback Archives, and Albert Kersten Minerals and Mining Museum (GeoCentre) will be closed to the public from close of business this afternoon (19/3/2020). All remaining Council services will be card only, with no cash accepted.

 Council's General Manager, James Roncon, said each facility's online and phone services would be prioritised.

 "Even though the buildings will be physically closed, we'll still be able to provide most services and assistance online or via the phone," he said.

 "People can borrow books online, all our online payment and forms systems are up, and there is a wealth of tourism information available online.

 "We've set a period of 30 days at this stage but we'll continue to monitor the situation, and reduce or extend the closures as required.

 "In regard to going cashless during this period, that is just another common-sense precaution to help reduce any potential spread of the virus."

 Mayor Darriea Turley AM said she supported any measures that prioritise the health and safety of the community and staff.

 "I'm proud of the way our staff have responded to this situation, they have been very calm and proactive in quickly implementing preventative measures," she said.

 "Some people may see it as a bit of an overreaction, but I'm more than happy to err on the side of caution during a confirmed pandemic."

 Please note that Council's website ( has been temporarily redesigned to quickly direct users to available online services.

 Those seeking further information on COVID-19 are encouraged to visit or call the National Coronavirus Health Information line on 1800 020 080.