Council to access COVID-19 relief package

Published on 01 July 2020

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Council's budget was discussed at this week's Extraordinary Meeting. Details below. 

$10m for projects

Councillors voted in favour of accessing a low-interest $10 million loan through the NSW Government's $395 million Stimulus Package for Local Government, which is aimed at providing relief from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Council voted in favour of the move at this week's Extraordinary Meeting where the 2020/21 Operational Plan and 2021-30 Long Term Financial Plan were adopted.

The decision means Council can access $10 million in relief funds at a fixed interest rate of 1.85% over 10 years.

The money is earmarked to provide seed funding for major projects to stimulate the economy and generate employment, as outlined in the 'future proof' scenario in the Long Term Financial Plan.

Council has highlighted several projects as early priorities, including upgrades of the Norm Fox Oval and the central business district, and a rejuvenation of Queen Elizabeth to complement the relocation of the Picnic Train from Kintore Reserve.

Further details and images for the projects can be found in a previous media release here.


Extraordinary Meeting request denied

A request by Councillors Tom Kennedy and Bob Algate to call an extraordinary meeting was deemed unlawful as it failed to comply with Council's Code of Meeting Practice. The meeting related to staffing operations, which are a matter for the General Manager rather than elected officials, and no supporting argument was provided when lodging the meeting request.