Council concern over job cuts

Published on 16 June 2020


Mayor Darriea Turley AM has expressed disappointment over the mining job losses announced today, and will lobby the Government for greater support for Broken Hill.

CBH Resources today announced that 70 employees and contractors would be cut as part of a restructure of the Rasp Mine operation.

Mayor Turley acknowledged that global forces had triggered the job cuts, but said the decision would still be a blow to the city.

"Council recognises that mining companies are dealing with low commodity prices, a strained relationship between Australia and China, and a host of other global financial factors," she said.

"But that doesn't make the news any less concerning for the Broken Hill community, and my thoughts are with those workers and families who are now facing great uncertainty.

"We can only urge CBH to reinstate these positions at a later date when conditions improve, and I'm sure that's a conversation they will hold internally in future."

Mayor Turley said Council would ensure the State and Federal Governments are aware of the challenges facing Broken Hill.

"We can't singlehandedly change commodity prices or create new mining jobs, but we can fight tooth and nail to get as many Government dollars as possible injected into our community," she said.

"We have tens of millions of dollars’ worth of major projects in the pipeline, and Government support for these projects is crucial to ensure we can stimulate and diversify our economy.

"We'll ensure the Government is acutely aware of our struggles in the bush, and that we are just as worthy of Government funding as our counterparts on the east coast."