City's eateries scrub up well

Published on 01 July 2019

Scores On Doors.jpeg

The latest results of the Scores On Doors program suggest that cleanliness amongst the city's hospitality businesses is at an all-time high.

Scores On Doors is a non-compulsory program that allows businesses to receive a publicly displayable star-rating following unannounced Hygiene and Food Safety Inspections carried out by Council. 

The rating system of Excellent (5 stars), Very Good (4 stars) and Good (3 stars), all represent various levels of compliance with the Food Standards Code. 

70 medium and high-risk food premises were recently inspected, with an impressive 42 businesses returning a perfect score.

18 businesses received 4 stars, and the remaining 10 received 3 stars.

The score considers such things as food temperature control, food prepared in advance of service, food handler hygiene, cleaning and sanitisation and pest control. 

Council's Environmental Health Officer, Jessica Ierace, said the scores represented a significant improvement in hygiene across the industry.

"In the previous round of Scores on Doors less than half of the businesses were able to manage a perfect score, and this time around the majority of certificates are 5 Stars," said Ms Ierace.

"It's an extremely impressive result, and it shows the program is generating a positive response.

"Individual business owners and the hospitality industry as a whole should be very proud of this result, and I'm sure their efforts will be greatly appreciated by their customers."

Information on the Scores On Doors program and the latest results can be viewed online here. Those seeking further details can contact Council's Environmental Health Officer, Jessica Ierace, on 8080 3332 or

* Addie Meryl’s Cafe Manager Carolyn Green and Café Assistant Liz Cross (background) received their 5-star Scores On Doors certificate from Council's Environmental Health Officer Jessica Ierace last week.