Archives to close as new library ramps up

Published on 26 September 2022

Image of front glass dorrs of the Library and Archives with red flowers in the front of the shot

The Outback Archives will close to the public on October 1 as Council ramps up its digitisation program and begins preparations for construction of the new Library and Archives Facility.


The city's historical artefacts will be placed in safe storage in the lead up to construction, and the ground floor of Council's Administration Building will be refurbished to house a temporary library.


An amended Development Application has been lodged regarding the project, and a tender for the construction of the new library along with the temporary library refurbishment works has been advertised.


Council's General Manager, Jay Nankivell, said it was exciting to see the project progressing.


"We're looking to get the refurbishment of the Administration Centre’s ground floor underway in early 2023, and once that is completed we can move the library into that space and begin construction on the new facility," he said.


"The temporary library won't be able to offer the same level of service as the regular library due to size constraints, but it's a far better alternative than offering no library service to the community.


"We'll keep everyone informed of details around the relocation as it approaches and ask all library users to be patient as the new facility is constructed."


Mr Nankivell said the closure of the Outback Archives was unavoidable, but would allow staff to focus on the archives’ digitisation program.


“We have to safeguard the city's history in off-site storage during construction so nothing is damaged, but it means staff will be able to dedicate time to digitising all our historical items to ensure they're saved and catalogued for future generations to view and research.


“I’d like to thank everyone for their patience during this period, and also say a special thanks our dedicated volunteers. We look forward to welcoming everyone back when construction of the new facility is completed.”


Construction tenders are expected to be assessed in November and tabled for Council consideration in December.