Alma lights still on agenda

Published on 19 June 2019


Council will investigate the possibility of installing light towers at the Alma Oval after a positive meeting between Mayor Darriea Turley AM and South Football Club Chairman, Ashley Byrne.

Councillors voted against a Notice of Motion at the May meeting calling for money to be diverted from existing projects or reserves to fund new lighting for the oval.

However Mayor Turley said that outcome did not represent a lack of Council support for new infrastructure at the ground.

"From our perspective we just wanted to make it clear that Council isn't against the idea of lighting the Alma Oval, we just don't want to rush into anything or settle for a quick fix," said Mayor Turley.

"We also don't want to divert money from established projects and financial reserves without warning, we have a responsibility to take a sensible approach to the city's finances.

"In addition, we’ve made it quite clear that we want to take a more structured approach to major projects, and that includes allowing adequate time for project planning."

Mayor Turley said the South Football Club would now liaise with current and prospective users of the oval to gauge whether they could meet the usage costs associated with new light towers.

"This is a very important step; Council can't simply put some light towers in the ground then go to the users and demand they pay for the lights' operation, or alternatively, demand ratepayers foot the bill," she said.

"All user groups must be in agreement and be willing and able to pay for the operation of the lights."

Council will now begin preliminary investigations into lighting, with a view to including the project in the 2020/21 budget, subject to Council approval.

The time frame will allow Council to seek State or Federal funding streams to contribute to costs associated with potential construction of the towers, and a new substation which would be required to support for their operation.