Public health and safety

Man in high-vis clothing completes a checklist

Council plays an important role in ensuring that the environment is safe, healthy and free from unpleasant nuisance conditions. In order to fulfil this role Council employs an Environmental Health Officer who is given various delegated inspection and enforcement powers.

Regular inspections are undertaken by Council Officers to ensure that adequate health and safety standards are being maintained.

Public and Environmental Health

Council's Environmental Health Officer is responsible for monitoring the operation and activities of the following areas to ensure public health risks are satisfactorily managed through compliance with the relative legislative requirements:

  • Skin penetration premises such as tattooists, beauty treatments and cosmetic enhancements
  • Caravan parks
  • Public swimming pools
  • Food premises including mobile and temporary premises
  • Cooling towers
  • Boarding Houses
  • Onsite sewage management systems

Council's Environmental Health Officer also responds to community concerns relating to:

  • Air pollution i.e. dust, smoke, odours
  • Noise pollution
  • Littering
  • Insanitary premises 

Cooling Towers / Warm Water Systems

Cooling towers and warm water systems are capable of breeding large numbers of legionella bacteria. This is the organism responsible for causing Legionnaires disease outbreaks.
Council keeps a register of all known premises within Broken Hill which contain systems that are potentially capable of causing a legionnaires outbreak. These systems must be, by law, specially treated and maintained in order to control the growth of the Legionella bacteria.

Council's Environmental Health Officer inspects these premises on a regular basis to ensure that the proper safety standards are being maintained.