Debutantes to take centre stage

Published on 24 August 2018

A group of girls displaying their corsages

It will be a special evening for eight debutantes and their squires on Friday with the staging of the annual Civic Ball.

The Ball will serve as the first major event to be held at the Civic Centre since its refurbishment was completed in July this year.

Mayor Darriea Turley said the Civic Ball always delivered an unforgettable experience for the debutantes, their partners, and their families.

"It's one of the city's most prominent events, and a much-loved tradition for the people of Broken Hill," she said.

"It's a chance to celebrate our young citizens, and enjoy a gala evening in a fine new facility."

Mayor Turley said the lead up to the Ball had been positive, with all involved preparing months in advance for the big night.

"Everyone from the debutantes to Council's staff have been meticulous in their preparation," she said.

"The debutantes have been dedicated in their dance rehearsals, and I have no doubt they'll all look stunning and perform wonderfully on the night.

"And the Centre itself is already looking great. Everything is shaping up very well, I'm extremely excited."

Not all the focus on this year's event has been on the debutantes however, with Council upgrading its payment system to make it easy for attendees to purchase refreshments.

Mayor Turley said this year's event would be primarily cashless, and encouraged attendees to pay by card or mobile device on the night to ensure short queues at the bar.

"We know the line at the bar can be a concern, especially during the early part of the night, so we've installed Paywave, Applepay, Androidpay and Samsungpay as part of the Civic Centre upgrade," she said.

"We'll still have back up cash facilities on the night, but in the interest of convenience we'd encourage everyone to pay electronically where possible to speed up service and make the night as enjoyable as possible for everyone."

The 2018 Civic Ball Debutantes and their partners are:

Georgia Liddell and Ewan Tavian

Madison White and Izaak Ferguson

Babette Selena-Rose Cruickshank and Seth Simmons

Paige Berryman and Blake Gebhardt

Helga Oladottir and Kane Lance

Freyah Coff and Alex Gray

Kiara Pressler and Rohan Cutting

Grace Kennedy and Jett Mercer